Mondi SCP – energetic system management

This solution is used to control 110kV, 11kV and 6kV substation network. There are different sources of electricity in the network: steam turbines 2x 10, 17, 20, 21MW and 63MW, and 2 x 17MW gas turbines.

SAS2000 provides :


control and signalisation


synchronisation control

island mode control

back synchronisation management

protections communication


FERAMO Metallum International foundry- energetic reconstruction

Design and development of control system for cable connection 110kV, substation GIS 110kV, 22kV/15kV/0,85kV substation, foundry transformer substations, diesel generator, air conditioning. Complex solution of foundry power grid, measurement of 15-min (15LP) with connection to control system of melting process. Connection to other systems (EPS, EZS, HVAC, EON dispatching)


GEA PT Bohemia –controlled fermentation in brewery Černá Hora

The purpose of this system is to visualize specified parameters in real-time, transmit demands from control room, archive data to SQL.


IEG Levice – project Baticim

Cogeneration power plant GT 6 x 5MW and 1 x 16MW ST in Izmir, Turkey. Design and commissioning of the power plant. In 2005 upgrade to a system of partial island mode, automated resource transfer from/to island mode, automated back to grid synchronization.


Right Power Sources (formerly Moravia Energo) Control and monitoringsystem LDS Kovothutě Mníšek

Control and monitoring LDS (local distribution system) Kovohutě Mníšek pod Brdy foundry. This solution includes 110 kV substation, main 22kV and 6kV substation and auxiliary 22kV and 6kV substations.

This system is based on SAS2000, data collection and exports are based on Linux server platform. Safety and fire signalling systems are integrated. Selected alarms are transmitted via SMS pagers. The main purpose is visualisation of collected data, transmitting data to/from control room, demand monitoring and data export to XML for OTE (Czech electricity and gas market operator ).


ČKD Finergis (AVČR - ÚFP) – Tokamak COMPASS

This project was developed for Ústav fyziky plazmatu AVČR (Institute of Plasma Physics of Academy of science Czech republic) for fusion research in COMPASS Tokamak. Design and development of communication controller for steering currents of Tokamak coils. On-site commissioning.


Eveco – Hot gas generator

Design and development of control system for hot gas generator for fire resistance tests.


EURAC Foundry- energetic rebuild

Design and development of control system for 110kV/6kV substation, furnace transformer substation, heat capacity measurement of supply transformers.


Rajhradské klášterní sklepy – controlled wine fermentation 

Visualisation system and setting parameters for fermentation process, archiving, presentation online and remote monitoring.


JAS Plastik - material silos monitoring, plastics dosage

Material flow monitoring in plastic industry. Data collection, visualization, storing data in SQL database.


JUTA – plastics dosage

Monitoring of material dosing and mixing, QA support.


HELLA – material silos monitoring

Material flow monitoring in plastic industry. Data collection, visualization, storage of data in SQL database.