Description of device function

obr7We have used tri-phase A/C current data logger CL200 by AbiData and upgraded it using our own Wi-Fi/Ethernet communicator. Doing that we have extended its application potential as data logger. The concentrator has its own processing unit, Wi-Fi (802g) module, real-time clock and RS232 controllers. It provides transposing CL200 protocol to binary data which are transmitted through Wi-Fi (or Ethernet).
The basic model is cased in a durable plastic box with external Wi-Fi antenna and with battery supply option. On the side there are three inputs for current converters connection.
The data logger mainly saves data into its internal memory and by using special software it is possible to access the data online from remote PC. Software allows to basic remote maintenance of the data logger. With single Wi-Fi communicator it is possible to connect up to two data loggers witch is money-saving solution for many customers.


Examples of use


  • - Currents and overload recording in cables and transformers
  • - Current monitoring in production, distribution network and local distribution
  • - Device maintenance, recording of 15-minutes amplitudes


Technical specification


  • - A/C inputs (1 up to 3) for current clamps connection, current transformer respectively.
  • 3 current or memory inputs with single range (1A, 5A, 1V) or single current input.
  • 5A input or SW configurable 1A input.
  • 1% accuracy (for 50Hz freq.), max. overload 20% (6A using 5A inputs)
  • real-time clock, adjustable measuring  interval of 1 sec up to 60min, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • 8 digital inputs galvanic isolated, meeting the S0 27V 27mA specification (possibility of direct electricity meter connection)
  • 8 digital inputs galvanic isolated 30V 150mA
  • 2 serial lines RS232/422/485 (data logger connection, connection of electricity meters according to IEC 62056-21, superior system respectively)
  • monitoring software that allows configuration, download of data, visualization, real time recording and data export to .csv (Excel). There is also the possibility to start the measuring manually, remotely or even by your own software.
  • scheduled launch capability
  • basic internal capacity of the data logger is 15 000 entries with possibility of extension to 60 000 entries
  • simple controls and reasonable price
  • operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
  • operating voltage range 6 – 30V DC


Current probes


If desired, we are able to make current probes with range of 10 – 3000A AC with monitoring software with Windows environment, according to customer requests.

Accessories – concentrator interface  


As a standard accessories we include concentrator interface, which allows to configure the basic system settings, such as network options, data logger identification, etc.




Graph visualization

After a request graph visualization will appear in a new window. After clicking onto the graph a measurement reading will appear.




Data export to CSV

This function will perform current data export to file CL0x.csv. Data format is described in header.


Real-time measuring

It is possible to start this measurement after a request, even for two connected data loggers in the same time. Refresh period is 5 sec. By default.