Control systems in energetics


SAS2000 / SASensor
Our company is specialized in design of substations and power plants control, also solutions for factories with their own power supply.
This includes:
Island mode
Load shedding
Stand by systems

Plastic moulding industry systems
We are developing own software for Maguire blenders.

This program is designed to monitor and control of gravimetric blenders. Its architecture allows built it with several different options - form of communication with supervisory systems.

Application screenshot:



Basic system features:


  • - MLAN communication with 10 blenders
  • - Technology visualization
  • - Remote control
  • - Remote keyboard
  • - Data acquisition
  • - Data archiving, alarms, recipe changes
  • - Material database management
  • - Recipe database management
  • - (Shift) summary
  • - Communication abilities:
  • - Free programmable HTTP interface
  • - SQL database access
  • - DDE and NetDDE server access
  • - Ethernet communication



We have developed an unique system for silos filling management in plastics industry.




It also provides cooperation between logistic workers and truck drivers during the filling process.  It has implemented a fail-safe function to avoid filling errors, such as over pressuring or filling the wrong silo.




This system is capable of detailed visualization of silos filling with batches. After every filling a filling record is generated automatically.


SCADA systems


Control WEB2000  +  Control WEB 5 + Control WEB 6 + Control WEB 6.1 + Control WEB 7

Universal system SCADA/HMI allows to control, visualize, collect and process data. More info


PLC Fatek PLC AB PLC Simatic S200-300-400

Mass usage of PLCs for technology management, data collection and processing.


Automation in plastics industry – MAGUIRE

Mass usage of PLCs for technology management, data collection and processing.


Custom applications development.

Non-standard solutions and devices including design and prototype development.